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About Us

Visionary Financial Solutions partners with firms to enhance profitability through  improved finance processes.  As companies strive to cut or maintain costs while trying to improve customer service and product quality, they are looking to further enhance core business operations to gain a competitive edge. In order to facilitate this, organizations have begun the process of identifying and prioritizing core and non-core business operations. By outsourcing these non-core but required activities, companies are able to focus their energy on operations where they have the competitive advantage and further expand the gap between themselves and their competitors.

Company history
VFS was founded in 2002 as a finance/accounting outsourcing solution and has grown into a multi-faceted business partner for a number of national and local businesses.  Our client list includes nationally recognized retail corporations, regional market leaders, and innovative technology development firms.  In 2008, VFS expanded functionality to include business strategy and data warehouse development. 

Company people
The key advantage gained from utilizing VFS is the ability to access subject matter experts in a number of different financial arenas without having to go through the timely and costly process of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. 

VFS provides experts on demand.  You will have access to tax experts, MBA's and DBA's whenever you need them. 


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